Fido: Boxing Day – $60/Month for 6GB Data and Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling (Dec 26-27)

Fido is offering an awesome Boxing Deal promotion!

For 2-days only from December 26-27, 2016, you can get the following plan for only $60/month!

$60 BYOD Boxing Day Promo (new customers only)

  • 6GB of Data
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Minutes
  • Unlimited Texting Canada, US & international Numbers
  • Call Display
  • Call Waiting
  • Mini Voicemail
  • Circle Calling
  • Add a additional lines get 10% off
  • Data Overage is $5/100MB

This special offer is not advertised on Fido’s website. You can get the deal if you contact Fido and ask for this deal specifically. You can call Fido at 1-888-481-3436, contact Fido live chat, or visit them in-store (quicker results by calling or live chat). This offer is meant for new customers only, but some existing customers have gotten the deal too after contacting Fido multiple times before finding an agent that would help make the switch.

I took advantage of Rogers’ $50/Month for 4GB Data Loyalty Retention Plan that I blogged about last week. I’m going to switch again to this plan. I think it’s a better deal – $10 more per month for extra 2GB of data. If you never go over 4GB of data, it’s better to stick with the last week’s Rogers Loyalty Retention Plan. Fido is a sister company of Rogers which mean’s it runs on the same network so the reception quality and coverage will be exactly the same. It’s easy to switch phone carriers now (Ie. Rogers to Fido) because you can keep your phone number and easily port it over to the another carrier.

I heard about this deal on RedFlagDeals. There’s a huge thread about it with a lot of information (read the thread if you’re considering getting the deal). There’s a lot of people talking about this deal and getting this plan.

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