Therma-Relief Inc.: Up to 85% off Instant Reusable Heat Pads

Therma-Relief Inc.

WagJag National Deal of the Day: Therma-Relief Inc.: Up to 85% off Instant Reusable Heat Pads

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Value $29.99
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Save $18

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would dress you up in snowsuits so tight you could barely move your arms? You may not have liked it then but I bet now you wish you could be that warm every day of the winter. With today’s WagJag you can feel the heat thanks to 3SecondHeat:

  • $11.99 for a hand heat pad (a $29.99 value)
  • $11.99 for two little heat pads (a $49.98 value)
  • $11.99 for four heart heat pads (a $79.96 value)
  • $11.99 for four mini heat pads (a $79.96 value)

This deal is a very hot seller. WagJag has already sold over 150+ vouchers at the time of this post.

This is a limited time offer while quantities last so don’t miss out!

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Offer Details
After the deal closes, the product will ship automatically to the address indicated at checkout
Product will arrive within 2-4 weeks of deal closing date (Dec 18)
Unlimited buys
Does not include $5 shipping per item. Cannot be delivered to PO boxes
No additional charges. No cash value. No cash back

Therma-Relief Inc.
876 Somenos Street
Victoria, BC, V8S4A6, CA

Choose between one, two or four heat pads to warm up your extremities this winter. You can place these little heat pads in your gloves, in your boots or hold on to them in your pockets to warm yourself up on an extra cold day, or while you’re hitting the slopes. If your little one complains about the cold, the heart shaped heat pads are the perfect way to keep them warm (and remind them that you love them too). They provide instant, reusable heat for up to 30 minutes so children can play in the snow for ages, without getting cold.

All heat pads fit perfectly in pockets and are perfect for those who work outside. The hand heat pad provides a relaxing massage that warms hands and soothes achy muscles, while the mini heat pads can be placed strategically to keep you warm while you enjoy winter activities. They do not require batteries and they are reusable.

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