LOTTO MAX: Join our Lottery Pool and we’ll split $50 MILLION if we win! (Draw is this Friday, July 6)

DRAW UPDATE: According to the LOTTO MAX official website, one lucky ticket purchase in Quebec won the jackpot and only 17 of the 50 MaxMillion prizes won. Unfortunately, our tickets didn’t win anything. Thanks to everyone who joined the pool and those who posted in the comments what they would do with the money had we won. I’ll buy more tickets and do the same thing once the jackpot hits $50 Million again so stay tuned!

Winnipeg Deals Blog wants to thank you for your support and help us all get a little richer!

Lotto Max has set a new record with $100 Million in total Jackpot Prizes this week!  This week’s draw on Friday, July 6, 2012 is for $50 Million + 50 individual MaxMillion prizes! I’ve purchased $100 worth of tickets and will split our winnings with you if you join our lottery pool by doing the 2 things below (it’s free and will only take a minute). Let’s do this and take home the Jackpot!

If you want a piece of the pie, you have to do 2 things (it is a little different from our previous giveaway so make sure you follow the instructions carefully):

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Everyone who Shares this week’s Lotto Max photo on Facebook and is Subscribed to our Newsletter prior to the draw on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 9pm ET will be automatically entered into the pool. If one of our tickets hits the $50 Million Jackpot or any one of the 50 MaxMillions prizes, I’ll equally split the winnings with everyone who’s entered in the lottery pool across my network of Deals Blogs across Canada!

If you Shared previous LottoMax posts, you must Share this week`s new Lotto Max image if you want to qualify for this weeks draw. You do not need to re-subscribe if you are already subscribed to our Newsletter.

Good luck to all of us! Please share this with friends and family so they have a chance to win too. The more people who enter, the more tickets I’ll buy for the next Max Jackpot!

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Disclaimer: You must “Share” this week’s new Lotto Max image on Facebook and be Subscribed to our Newsletter prior to the draw on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 7pm MT, 6pm PT, 9pm ET to qualify. There’s a limit of 1 entry per person and you must be of legal age according to the gaming commission. Only the winnings from hitting 7 of 7 in the Main Draw or 7 of 7 in the MaxMillions draw will be shared with everyone across my network of Deals Blogs across Canada (Ie. Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal). 

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